This Doesn’t (Usually) Happen to Me

I am ever envious when miniatures bloggers — most often those living in the U.K. — post about how they stopped by a “charity shop” or “car boot sale” and come away with a bag full of vintage Britains, or dust collectors that just happen to be sized perfectly for 15mm terrain, or a beautiful Matchbox Models of Yesteryear car… Well, I’m here to tell you that such felicity does occasionally befall a yank as well.

A few weeks back, my wife and I visited a local “junque” shop by name of Grandaddy’s Antique Mall, nestled between my home and Guilford Courthouse. “Two acres of antiques,” claim they, and it was truly something. There were several booths engorged with die cast vehicles, but mostly of the modern-era. Alas, nary a Gault ceramic. However, tucked away on a shelf, I espied a plastic bag marked $6 with a motley assembly of real tin soldiers!

A trio of stalwart Defenders of the Empire
The highlander had sustained battle damage

Their sole opponent was a flat (or possibly semi-flat) zulu.

Slender, yet undaunted
The most classic toy-soldier-types of the lot were these fellows:
Bearskins at the ready
A true Britain

Overall, I believe I am what one calls “chuffed” at my lucky find. I’ll do a bit of research about restoration and see if I can’t return these fellows to splendor.

Post Script: Next to the bag was a plastic case with what looked to be about three unpainted 15mm WWII miniatures. “Granddaddy” was asking $24 for them, which was too rich for me as I don’t game WWII and I couldn’t ID the minis. I do plan to go back, so perhaps I’ll offer them a bit less in cash.


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