Hobby Carpentry

Streamlining Storage

Among many unattributed gems of gaming knowledge gleaned from the internet are two tidbits I utilize daily. The first is “don’t begin making a piece of terrain unless you already know where you are going to store it.” This, of course, was the impetus for my building my entire Hobby Shack.

The second suggestion was to store miniatures in these Plano tackle boxes. (Note that they are available here in the States from Walmart or online for a good bit less than advertised on the Plano site.) One can customize the size of the internal sections, and I get adhesive magnets intended to stick to business cards to magnetize each section. As I acquired more, the stack became increasingly unwieldy; I always seemed to be needing the box on the bottom.

Well, my monthly handyman magazine came to the rescue. There were plans for an organizer for boxes akin to my Planos. I adjusted the dimensions to fit my boxes and made them just tall enough to fit under my game table.

The next step in my scheme will be to print out labels for the front of the boxes so I can find the figures I need quickly.

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