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Steampunk Bones

Due to whatever inexplicable nuance, I am hopelessly devoted to VSF (Victorian Science Fiction), but left cold by the adjacent Steampunk vibe. A lot of miniatures can be used interchangeably, and yet they still cause me to sigh. Here is a smattering of Reaper Bones recently painted:

I think it might be all of the steam-powered hands that put me off? Even if they could squeeze really hard or possibly punch, I just don’t understand the utility or menace of a steam-powered hand. The middle chap below’s van dyke got away from me a bit.

I’d guess these are two versions of the same chap, from different Bones kickstarters. The way I painted all the metal bits makes him painfully glinty. I guess when he gets a spritz of matte finish he’ll be duller but observable.

Finally, “Ape X” holds a place of honor on teams VSF, Steampunk, and Pulp.

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