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Planet of the Apes

Many years ago, when Eureka miniatures still distributed an impressive paper catalog, they had a miniature line obviously inspired by the Planet of the Apes. At some point (which I missed) they went away, replaced by Boiler Suit Apes. Which are very nice, but not at all Planet of the Apes. [Sigh…] I do so love the original, 70s vintage Planet of the Apes movies, TV show, and cartoon.

While browsing Crooked Dice, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but proper Planetary Apes, wearing their correct clothes, with nary a boiler suit!

I’ll be sure to go back for the mounted soldiers before these disappear as well. Unless I’ve missed them (and Crooked Dice do hide things a bit) there are no suitable Taylor, Nova, or other human figures. I’m sure if I scour the Internet I’ll find something appropriate. I do have them in 54mm on their way from Elastowit.

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