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Olde Tyme Monsters

Too bad for me, I had to contract Covid for the second time for me to slow down long enough to catch up with recording my backlog of painted miniatures from the original, now distant seeming, stay-at-home days.

Caveat lector, all of these images are not brilliantly lit, though still manage to suffer from sheen from my Future wash.

And, all the minis have somehow found themselves in a Hirst Arts dungeon chapel. As my Ender 3D printer churns out terrain in the background, I have been pondering about the future of my Hirst Arts sub-hobby. I still have a mound of expensive Merlin’s Magic, many Hirst Arts molds, and several half-finished projects. It just takes so much time and effort, and makes a way bigger mess than my 3D printer…

First up, a trio of classic Universal movie monsters:

And then two more. I’m not sure if the lady actually starred in any movies:

Finally, three fetching “Bloofer Ladies,” companions of the literary vampire above:

I tried, and largely failed, to make the first lass’ dress appear translucent. A skill above my pay grade, apparently.

All of these are Reaper miniatures, from the endless Bones kickstarters. The next bundle arrives early next year! Paint, paint, paint, paint …

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