Hello, World (Again)

As one can see, I have resumed blogging. Or, rather, I have plans to begin updating more regularly a blog which has thus far suffered a shadowy existence alongside a website (Circa Games) which was itself a shadow.

In 2001, I published with Grey Ghost Press a roleplaying game entitled Terra Incognita. I began blogging in 2001 (though no one I encountered called it that then) on Terra Incognita: The NAGS Society Website until September of 2009. The halt was due mostly to the fact that I bought a new computer which would no longer run my ancient web-site-creation software.

I agonized for years as to whether I should buy Dreamweaver and resume my Daily Dispatches. I eventually concluded that the benefits of the blog platform — the ability to post remotely and automated organizational niceties such as categories and tags — overcame my desire to spend hundreds of dollars on an application. And, unless I’m missing something, in order to post daily, I’d have to fire up the program on my computer, edit and then upload the home page;— such quotidian drudgery was not something I’d been missing since ’09.

Circa Games and its attendant Ætheric entity dates back to the last century — 1998, to be exact — and is the company I would work for and make millions pursuing my hobbying interests, if the Real World resembled in any way that in my imagination. I assembled a collection of online resources regarding some of my Enthusiasms — wargaming the Old West and Victorian Science Fiction, predominantly — as well as a couple of pieces of writing that would be considered “blog posts” today. Otherwise, the site sat largely neglected since ’98.

For reasons which I don’t understand, I’ve been Possessed to make another attempt at a semi-regular online presence. The impediments are legion — I have little time; I don’t enjoy typing At All (hence, no Google+), and I don’t see myself as creative like those chaps who dish out wisdom on a daily basis. I’ll make an honest assay, however, to share thoughts which are somewhat coherent.

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