Further praise

I have been driven to the point of proverbial distraction by ætheric misbehavior. I put in hours to perfect the fine points of an imaginary language, only to discover that my blog obdurately declined to reproduce it accurately.

After spending significant portions of multiple days questing for resolution of the issue, I once again put myself in the capable hands of WP Tech Support. An expert soul called “Honey” sorted the issue, and now the Ascaria Parts I and II appear as I intended.

One side effect is that some punctuation and oddments were replaced by “?” in older posts; I’ll have to comb through them gradually and re-type. I did manage to learn just enough about SQL Databases and character set collation to be dangerous, but not enough to repair the problem.

It’s my sincere hope that this old Circa Games machine should be running smoothly and securely now, so that I can devote more time to creativity than maintenance.

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