Finished at Last

In order to keep some self-exacted promises, I will likely inflict upon you an uptick in posts on this blog. It is my intention in the newly-arrived year both to write more and to make a dent in the GULP (the Great Unpainted Lead Pile) that lives in the closet.

This motley crew of civilians come to us from the much-missed Mega Miniatures. They remain, I believe, my sole purchase at a FLGS (which has moved, expanded, and undergone a name change between the time I purchased and painted these lovelies…) since 1970-something.

The poor souls have loitered, based and primed, for every bit of two years before sat down to dash on a coat of paint. Note well that I do not submit them as exemplars of any sort of painting skill. Rather, they have lifted my spirits on this first day of the new year by the simple fact that they are finished at last!

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  • Bob Lovely

    I have a set of these and have been looking all over the ‘net for them as a gift for a friend. I couldn’t remember the name of the company. How wonderful to find a set of “people walking down the street not armed with pistols the size of VW Beetles” minis.

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