• Old West

    Cowpokes by Peter Pig

    Peter Pig makes the original line of 15mm cowboys. Available expeditiously in the US from Brookhurst Hobbies.

  • Old West

    Best of the West from Minifigs

    Minifigs has a 15mm line called Best of the West with lots of indians and pret’ near everyone is available both mounted and dismounted.

  • Old West

    15mm Old West from Irregular Miniatures

    Irregular Miniatures has a line of American Indians figures, which includes US Cavalry troopers and an odd cowboy or settler or two. Also check the American Civil War and Colonials lines for interesting characters.

  • Old West,  VSF

    Weird West from Jeff Valent Studios

    Jeff Valent Studios produces miniatures for Deadlands and the Great Rail Wars. The line contains typical Old West types and the more fanciful denizens of the Deadlands milieu. Look for some great steampunk vehicles, including an ornithopter, steam wagon, and auto-gyro.

  • Old West

    Western Denizens by Redoubt Enterprises

    Redoubt Enterprises specializes in British colonial figures, but also has a line of American Civil War figures which might be appropriate for Old West gaming. They also sell a 25mm train which is beautiful.

  • Old West

    Warpaint & Cowboy Wars from Old Glory

    Old Glory Miniatures has an extensive Warpaint line of figures, which includes Native American Indians (plains tribes and Apache), US Cavalry, lawmen and shootists, and a variety of conveyances: a conestoga wagon, stage coach, buckboard, and doctor’s buggy. Old Glory also…

  • Old West

    Motley Mix of Figures by Monday Knight

    Monday Knight Productions has a line of gunfighters, mounted figures, banditos, and Apache Indians. Note that the scale varies within the lines: the Magnificent Seven and Man with No Name figures seem to be classic 25mm while Belle Star and Annie Oakley tower over…

  • Old West

    Mirliton Miniatures Goes Far West

    Mirliton has a pack of ten Far West Gunfighters, including the “Man with No Name,” which were apparently originally available years ago from Grenadier.