• Fantasy,  Hirst Arts,  Terrain

    The Ruined Tower

    Whilst searching for a Hirst Arts ruin that was skulking about in my memory, I uncovered new inspiration. A day or so later, this little crumbling beauty debuted on the table: Here it is with a skeletal guard, and then…

  • Colonial,  Fantasy,  Painting,  VSF

    Paint Table Annex

    One of the great joys of my day is chatting with my wife as she prepares dinner. Cooking is her hobby, as miniatures (and guitar and carpentry and farming and sailing … oh, well, perhaps I have too many hobbies)…

  • Colonial,  Fantasy,  Painting,  VSF

    Jumping the Queue

    Paint Table Saturday features flagrant queue jumpers. Looking back yesterday at A) the Major General’s page and 2) my aged stage-set mountains, rendered me nostalgic for VSF and afflicted with remorse for my long-suffering 15mm figures. As things stand, I…

  • Fantasy,  Pirates/Naval,  Scratchbuilding,  Terrain

    Gaming Table

    Building a gaming table is a daunting endeavor. If one has yet to accumulate a lot of wargaming experience, he has to imagine what “features” a table should have in order to make gaming more enjoyable. Lumber and time are…

  • Fantasy,  Hirst Arts,  Scratchbuilding,  Terrain

    Ruined Gothic Tower

    While trolling in the Hirst Arts forums for inspiration awhile back, I ran across an interesting post. Someone was wishing for new plans of things to build with Hirst Arts blocks and someone else suggested taking existing projects and building…

  • Fantasy

    Goblins of the Old School

    I submit this little vignette as confirmation that I completed another dozen Bones — “Dungeon Attack” goblins, this time; compadres of the kobolds I knocked out last week. Following Chris Palmer’s lead, I eschewed green and sought guidance from my…

  • Fantasy

    Loitering Kobolds

    Though a week late in appearing, here you see here the culmination of my winter break’s industry. Another set of Reaper Bones painted — a dozen kobolds up to no good, no doubt.