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Bones Pulp

More from the “Stay-at-Home” painting days. I was able to paint for at least an hour a day for more than a year. I haven’t maintained that pace since returning to work, but I do get more done now than ever.

Here are some Reaper Bones pulp fiction characters:

Someday I’ll do a line up of the numerous Indiana Jones-types I have painted in several scales.

I guess these last three could loosely be involved in pulp? An Oz-inspired witch (it just seems like witches should be green), a Voodoo chap (Baron Samedi, maybe?), and some type of spirit. This one was in green translucent bones material, which I think I Future Washed and lightly dry brushed. I don’t think I’ve yet done justice to any of the translucent bones.

And finally, a pair from the Planetary Romance portion of the pulpesphere:

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