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At Long Last: 1st Mighty Army Complete

We’re coming up on the 20 year mark since I bought two of Mongoose Games’ new Mighty Armies box sets: Undead Legion and Sorcerer’s Legion. I believe I got them primarily to plunder for 15mm figures (my enthusiasm at the time), and because I thought the game itself might become an American version of HOTT or Warmaster.

Well, I was so underwhelmed by the sculpts — the skeletons in particular were embarrassing — that I bagged them up and put them on the shelf for a long, long time.

In the meanwhile, Rebel Miniatures acquired the game, rewrote and expanded the rules, and added quite a few armies. In my Covid-induced urges to finally finish things, I painted and based them, per the guidance from the original rules. (Apparently you now just need 3 figures per stand.)

Here they are in all their vintage glory:

The command stand (a Necromancer et al.) and three bases of “Death Knights.”

The offending skeletons (called “Undead Warriors”). While I suppose it’s realistic that having risen from the grave, they would be armed with sticks and stones and anything else to hand … sticks and stones? Really?

Wights. Perhaps it is I who did these chaps an injustice with the olive drab skin tone?

Spectres. My favorite of the lot, done in GW Hexwraith Flame contrast paint.

At any rate … done!

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