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A brief peek “under the hood” at Circa Games. I rarely do “commercial breaks,” but I was ably assisted in a time of need, and thus am moved to sing appropriate praises.

Broadcasting was temporarily disrupted for a day or two here in terra incognita, owing to my apparent technical hubris. I grew tired of seeing the little warning that my humble blog was “unsafe” due to its lack of an SSL certificate. True, we conduct no sensitive business here, but one day I may offer my humble services as a terrain builder, and thus I want positive “brand” associations.

At any rate, my web provider made it easy enough to acquire an SSL, but installing it was a bit more arcane. This is a site, which means I have my own web host for a WordPress blog. It may in fact be cheaper for me to have gone the route, where they host it, but I have a legacy provider and domain name from the previous website I ran, starting way back in 1999.

Well, my maladroitness resulted in the site going straight offline. I mucked about using WordPress support forum advice, likely making things worse by the minute. Finally I engaged the services of a company called, informatively, WP Tech Support, who, for a well deserved $65 US, had it back up and whirring within an hour. 

Should you experience difficulties with a blog, I unreservedly recommend WP Tech Support.

Notice the reassuring little “lock” symbol next to my web address. Security, hard won.

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