• Old West

    Warpaint & Cowboy Wars from Old Glory

    Old Glory Miniatures has an extensive Warpaint line of figures, which includes Native American Indians (plains tribes and Apache), US Cavalry, lawmen and shootists, and a variety of conveyances: a conestoga wagon, stage coach, buckboard, and doctor’s buggy. Old Glory also…

  • Old West

    Motley Mix of Figures by Monday Knight

    Monday Knight Productions has a line of gunfighters, mounted figures, banditos, and Apache Indians. Note that the scale varies within the lines: the Magnificent Seven and Man with No Name figures seem to be classic 25mm while Belle Star and Annie Oakley tower over…

  • Old West

    Mirliton Miniatures Goes Far West

    Mirliton has a pack of ten Far West Gunfighters, including the “Man with No Name,” which were apparently originally available years ago from Grenadier.

  • Old West

    Love My Knuckleduster

    Knuckleduster Publications produces their own line of western civilian miniatures, including Beer Drinkers and Hell-Raisers, pool players, incapacitated gunfighters, and a “sharp dressed band” (you’ll understand when you see them). Forrest also sells Foundry gunfighters, all minis available painted or…

  • Old West,  VSF

    Americana by the Foundry

    The Foundry features a line of their exquisite figures, including various western personalities, plains wars, and townsfolk. One might peruse the Victorian figures as well for further personalities.

  • Old West

    Old West by Dixon

    Dixon Miniatures has an impressive range of western figures, including a number of civilian figures.